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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Every day all over the world humans are dying from weather related events. This is caused by world's economic structure which promotes excessive greed and monetized life. Irresponsible profits are destroying families. Moreover, a generation of “psychological damage children” who see violence and death as the only creative expression will one day assume the halls of power. No doubt they will have no problem with nuclear war as a solution to failed diplomacy.

The truth is that billions of humans are forced by commercialization to hunker down and go without health care and food so investors can enjoy their elitist life styles. Has not commercialization world wide forced young females to enter the sex trade in order to prevent starvation? All this in the name of ever expanding national Gross National Product.

Unrestrained Commercialization has spawned a “political & economic system straight out of hell”. We are saturated with divided & conquer rhetoric by the media. We accept scorched earth policies as a substituted for an honest and principled debate. It is a bunker like mentality that is eroding mankind's soul. Where is the back and forth discovery of truth? World wide, non-Socratic political discourse is about winning at all cost. Fake new is not about the principled back and forth discovery of truth. It is a product deep state psychological operations. It is a fact that a confused and bewilder public is better controlled than one that is well informed one. Is not their goal the world wide seizure of natural resources at the expense of the sick, hungry and poor. Has not their “us against them” tactic worked well? I believe it has.

With the litany of vexing problems confronting humanity is it any wonder that there is “up tick in expressions of violence”? Within the choking smog of bias media there are irresponsible leaders who think that filling their pockets from the public coffer will offer them protection from the impeding world wide catastrophe. Make no mistake; unless one moves to Mars, “wealth is no elitist shield” from the wrath and retribution of mother nature. Millions have suffered, but billions will suffer more if we leave the forces of Commercialization unchecked.

As our leaders fail in their desperate attempts to maintain the economic status quo; humans have began to notice a scary rise in xenophobia and intolerance. In every category; war, starvation, human rights, genocide and disease, huge increases can be clearly seen. And at the heart of all this evil lies the conflict between the brotherhood and monetization. The scales of justice are out of balance. The scales are out of wack.

What is the result of this world wide monetization of all aspects of human existence? Has not this laissez-faire model of economics poisoned our biosphere and corrupted democracy and dictatorship alike? Have the “captains of greed” banish the common good from our political & social structures forever? What has been given in return for the public trust? What has been the cost? Have they not reduced humanity into warring barbarian factions of a dying civilization?

Ask yourself; are your needs being met? Has your stander of living decline? Do you still have access to electric, water, housing and food? If so, what happens if governments are forced to “suspend money”? Has global warming effected your family of late? Are you able to provide for your family? Has the cost of globalization uplifted, enlighten and healed your families? Has it given you access to health care and a decent job? That is what we were told would be the result. A better world. But for who? It might be better for the “To Big To Fail” gang; but is it better for the wage slave? Is your access to the necessaries of life in decline? Are you happy about that? Have they not for the last 50 years systematically purged the theories of interconnectedness and interdependence from governmental policy for the sake of profits?

Make no mistake big changes are coming. The only question is will mankind embrace sharing and set up some sort of “common house of stores” at the international level. Will man share in the sacrifices to come or will the “barbarians of elitism” slug it out in their downward hellish death spiral of extinction? God awaits your decision.    
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