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Monday, January 2, 2017

12/21/2016 TUE 3:59PM From Punky Doodle

Solid physical contact took place today with a female ET with brown hair. I had direct landing/ telepathic conversation with her for about 10 this after noon. She said it was a planed contact. All I will say is she led me to an area where she landed temporary and went back up in her plane. I saw her from her plane in solid physical state, but her body was like the male I saw last year. This time, the windows were open. We carried on a conversation and she answered my questions via lights on her craft. I was so excited I thanked her for making physical contact and told her I felt honored and really excited to the opportunity

I was told physical landing contact would take place, just did not know when or where. I was so excited, forgot to ask her where she was from. LOL. They look earth human, skin more is like a white glow, different than our state of bodies. contact was about 50 ft away from craft
she was white race/brown hair, tall, short hair

Chat Conversation End
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