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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ET Briefing
12-10-2015 Revs.

Selection of Human Contacts.

The Ets would like to advise man on the way out of his problems. However, man’s free will is sacrosanct and the Ets will not infringe upon this divine rule. The Ets seek to make known their presence and work. They seek to help and are totally harmless. The Ets select, after many years of study, those who know this work must be done. They keep the subject under observation for years before contact is made. They confirm that the subject will translate their advice into action. The main question is, will the contactee use the Ets for self-aggrandizement or profit? Can the subject use discretion and judgment as their agent? Those who can commit to the ET’s “low profile style” and refuses to back-down from the challenge of fairly sharing the earth’s bounty are selected. The Ets seek those who remain staunch in the face of skepticism, derision, disbelief and sacrifice. As of this writing there are around 2000 ET agents in the world. Some are here only on a temporary basis of hours, days or weeks. Others are long term. All come in different ways. Some come, as fully-grown adults who land and look just like the humans of earth. Others choose to reincarnate into families for specific proposes. This is the case with Shakespeare, Da Vinci and Beethoven. Some advise from their ships by impressing the minds of political, military, scientific, and artistic communities. Others by direct personal relationship. In these cases the contactee may or may not be aware of whom it is they are dealing with.

Most UFO contactees will be devoid of financial problems, confusion, and have a healthy body, thoughts and intellect. All will have a loving nature and be truly concerned about the welfare and education of others. The main value in this selection process is a altruistic heart. They look for humans who are detachment from materialism and are able to send and receive telepathic messages. Most contactees will have had training in meditation or have psychic abilities. This may have occurred in a pass reincarnation or during the present life. Either way the intuition of the contactee will be involved. True and real ET contact is always within the framework of peace and cosmic awareness. Some contactees are trained in person for diplomatic assignments. Training can be telepathic, physical to physical, etheric to physical or involve sleep dream training.

At this time there are many ET groups visiting the earth. The common denominator may vary from group to group. For example, some Ets focus on the environment while others focus on philosophy or the arts and sciences. Others focus on nullifying the bad thoughts between the peoples of earth during times of stress. Many contactees will have dreams or pre-cognitive experiences of coming contact events. Others will have mind to mind telepathic communications with the Ets. Some won’t have a clue as to what is happening when contact is made and will question their own sanity. The key to selection is that a person with good peaceful intent must have a universal awareness and some degree meditative skills. The Ets are looking for people who are not afraid. The Ets are reticent, quiet and very polite. They live harmlessly, tactfully and respectfully. Unfortunately, they often must accept contacts that greatly lack these qualities due to their mission requirements. The students with these high qualities usually come from the native peoples of the Earth. However, If the student is free of prejudice, open-minded, and willing to engage these extraterrestrial beings in a completely pure hearted way the Ets will be there.

ET Culture

There are 12 planets in our solar system. Two of which are unknown to science. Each of these planets has humans beings at different stages of evolution. The most advanced of these is Venus. We will only focus on Rom’s culture, which is Venusian. All planets in our solar system are teeming with life at different stages of evolution. Planetary differences in the atmospheric conditions are akin to the earth, sea or mountain enviroments. The human etheric body is the most adaptable machine in the universe. With proper pressurization and depressurization the human etheric body can be as comfortable on one planet as on another in our solar system. The peoples in etheric bodies on Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are not at the same rate of atomic vibration as solid earth bodies. On earth science only know of three states of matter. These are solid, liquid and gaseous forms. However, long ago the Venusian ETs mastered a higher state of atomic vibration called the etheric level. Earth science is just beginning to discovery this etheric state. They call it dark matter or energy because they don’t have the know how to sense it. It is through mathematical theory that they are able to grasp the notion of it. Cause and effect seems to suggest to science that this new state of matter is real. Thus the brightest minds of earth have taken up the search for proof.

If an earthling were to land on Venus they wouldn’t see anybody. The Venusians have physical bodies of etheric matter, which are much finer and subtler than the gaseous state. So to the earthling for all intents and purposes Venus would seem to be uninhabited. For a better understand of etheric matter the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich into Orgone energy should be explored. Also, Kirlian photography, Radionics, Homeopathy and Acupuncture should be investigated. All of these disciplines apply etheric matter in a manner similar to our uses for electricity. The Venusians can lower the vibration rate of that etheric matter until it becomes solid. It is then that we can see them. But it is a temporary manifestation. They do this by use of “will power” using technological notions beyond our current level of understand. This is done in much the same way that Jesus was able to change water into wine; or healing the sick, or raise the dead.

When a Venusian comes to live on earth they have to make, or take earth bodies. They can make a body by thought, or by using thought-based technology. Reincarnation is another way for them to become solid. There are only two ways an earthling can enter inside a UFO. They must either temporarily change the solid body into and etheric body; or the UFO must dematerialize into a solid ship by lowering its vibration rate.

The Venusian civilization has a custom of showing respect by way of humility, patience and faith. Like us they are subject to the ups and downs of life. They also are subject to error and vicissitude. However, they do not kill or make war in self-defense. They do not believe in confrontation. They would allow themselves to be destroyed rather than slay anyone. There is no war or violence of any kind. Their understanding of nature’s laws are so advanced that self-protection is seen as a state of emotional unbalance. They solve all disputes by Co-operation. It is their nature to seek out the other point of view and make great sacrifices to achieve this co-operation. Long ago their culture selected non-hostility as a natural evolutionary step. Their DNA no longer has the fight or flight genes turned on. They could never deliberately destroy another intelligence. To quote a Venusian master; “should we with hurtful intent harm any form, we know that we would be forcing that form to turn from its natural purpose… No man wars except in ignorance”. They seek to avoid karma. Free will is holy to them. They never force others against their wills.

The Venusians don’t interrupt or talk at cross-purpose with others. Nor do they hold floor debate by sheer force of verbosity. There is a remarkable lack of harsh judgment or condemnation of any kind to their culture. They don’t judge anyone or thing as good or bad because know that everything serves the one supreme intelligence. They do not know discouragement. They never give up because they know that a goal lost yesterday can be won tomorrow. Their culture is the embodiment of faith and hope. Their style is of little conversation and great self-reflection. Moreover, they have an entirely different concept of names and age is not measured by years, but by reincarnations.

The Venusian culture is very gay and full of laughter. They dance a great deal and rhythmic movement is an essential part of their education. They use it as a form of worship. The whole culture is about beauty, warmth and friendliness. The Ets no longer have what we on earth call sickness, crime or poverty. On earth humans reach maturity around 18 to 21 years of age and live for about 75 years. On the other hand, the Venusian reaches maturity at around age 2 and lives on average for about 1000 earth years. They do not grow old in appearance or feeling. They stay around 25 to 30 years of age in appearance and mind. There is no disease, poverty, money or hunger in there culture. From the refuse collector to the scientist they acknowledge service to be an equal honor among all types of labor. Unlike earth they make no class distinctions. Science and religion is the same thing to them. They eat little and only of fruits and vegetables, drinking mostly fruit juices. They can learn and speak any earth language in a few days but most of the time they use telepathy. They do have parties, which are absence of loud talking, laughing, or raucous distractions. Unlike earth sports or games where wining and losing at all costs matter, the atmosphere of gaiety and relaxation prevails. They don’t care or view winning or losing as serious.

The planet Venus rarely ever sees the stars due to its thick cloud formation at the etheric level. Moisture is ever present. There are mountains with and without snows and tress. Around the tropical section weeping willow like tress grow. The planet has 7 oceans. Wild canary like birds roams the planet. In the country smaller earth like horses and cows which are different in flesh texture and color graze. Venus has many lakes that are connected to waterways. Several large and small cities have prismatic colored domes, which at night become soft luminous yellowish light. All of these are laid out in either oval or circular patterns. The reason why Venusians have such long life cycle is due to the cloud cover, which stops certain sun and cosmic rays.


Their technology seems to have no internal or moving parts and can dematerialize or materialize by telepathic conscious assisted technology. The metals used are often said to appear like iridescent glass or translucent. When fully materialized and parked they appear sliver or metal, jeweled skin or transparent. To avoid fear or panic UFOs behave in a gentle and subtle way by changing position shape and color. But UFO movements can become erratic and pronounced when being hunted. They have force-fields and can not be shot down by fighter planes. They are often fired upon. UFOs can appear bigger or smaller. They can disappear and reappear. They can change color, rotate, move up, down and sideways at amazing speeds. They can also change forms. They can morph into other shapes at will. Clouds, crops circles, colored flames or fireballs, orbs of light, colored spirals, weather events, aircraft and other shapes are all manifestations of their telepathic conscious assisted technology. They can project images onto film or control machinery and electronic equipment. All UFO’s have listening and recording devices. Most probes are between 2 and 21/2 feet in diameter. These are directed from scouts or Motherships. They pick up data on water, soil and air as well thoughts and emotions of individuals. Venusian UFOs mostly use sunlight as a power source when operating around the earth. Also there is another type of energy, which does not work within the time/space reality that is used. 95% of all UFOs are from our own solar system and are made on mars. Anti-gravity and free energy system are at the core of every craft from Venus. Moreover, they use a universal math system based on 9 rather than 10. The Venusian ships have 3 general class.


Their Motherships range in size from few football fields to 50 miles in length. Motherships have artificial intelligence. The Ets have an interface between the mind and ship. Ships are awake and conscious. The kind of light given off is nothing like you have seen on earth. The light has an energy and intelligence associated with it that is very advance. When in the etheric state color change can be seen from the craft operations. Combinations of luminous flashing colors can also be viewed. UFOs can dematerialize or drop out of our linear space-time and cross over into the etheric physics of the universe. They can think to their device or the device can think to them updates of status. They have a two-way link between the telepathic and technology, where data goes from one node to another bypassing linear space-time. They have technology assisted artificial intelligence systems, that regulate ship operations and are consider their children. They also have consciousness-assisted technology for override situations. From inside the UFO the Ets can project their consciousness right into your room. They can sense your thoughts and feelings by way of waves or probes. These can dematerialize or materialize while still sending data to the Motherships and probes.

Most ships have a circulatory and immune system, which is tied into the artificial intelligence system of the ship. If wounded the ship seeks to heal itself and will send out S.O.S. to the fleet. Many ships have robotic bio-machine humanoids. We know them as grays and they are use for security functions. These are grown by the ETs. But most other groups of grays have a similar social structure to earth and are not grown.

(It should be noted that the USA also has several generations of these programmed life forms or PLFs. These are made at Pine Gap Australia, a deep Jungle base in the Amazon of Brazil, at the Four Corners area near Dulce, New Mexico. The most sophisticated of these facilities in England, which builds a reptilian model.)

Every three-months a 1/4th of the Venusian population rotates out on missions to other foreign posts. These UFOs can hold many millions of Ets and are basically traveling cities in space. They ride on the currents of space on long voyages within and without the galaxy. Out in the deep space there are many unknown dangers and the Ets have paid a heavy price for this knowledge. Most of Space itself is negatively charged so the UFO cities radiate negative force, which repels impact debris and deadly forces. This keeps the ship from heating through friction. There are many types, sizes and kinds of Motherships as well as mission objectives. All Venusians travel space in order to learn and serve. Technology exchanges between the brotherhood of races is numerous and highly developed. Also, intermarriage is very common between these races.


Scoutships come in all sizes, types and purposes too. They range in size from a one or two man 30 ft long crafts to the larger 200 to 300 person football size ships. They shuttle staff and supplies from the Motherships to posts stationed around the earth. These are energetically linked with the mothership. Scouts are not designed for deep space travel and mostly operate around the moon, earth and solar system. These also have probes that collect data and report back on psychological and environmental conditions around the earth.

Orbs or probes

We do not normally see orbs of light. Like Motherships and scouts, orbs are made of etheric matter. They too can lower the vibration rate until it comes within the range of our five senses. There are millions of these unseen probes around the earth monitoring humans and the environment.

The ET Mission

Earth has a force exerted on it from a great body in space, which pulls it slightly off its axis. Poles shifts had occurred before in the earth’s past. To prevent a new pole shift the UFOs have put around the earth an energetic ring of light, which keeps earth intact and on its axis. Out in space they have large ships that generate this ring of light, which we call the Van Allen Belt. So long as the Ets patrol the planet and keep that going we are safe from another historical pole shift.

The earth is already polluted to a dangerous degree. Pollution is the greatest cause of human disease. Humans are unaware of the etheric impact from nuclear-fission has on human health. Nuclear radiation and other forms of pollution breakdown the human and animal immune system. Waves of HIV, AIDS, Pneumonia, Influenza, Alzheimer’s, allergies, fatal diseases and birth defects are a statically increasing result of this impact. This is why UFOs are often seen near nuclear power plants and military bases. The Ets have implosion devices on all their ships that rid nuclear radiation from the etheric state. However, they are restrained by how much they are allowed clean due to karma. All things being equal; the Venusians will not interfere in relationships between humans on earth. They believe that the humans on earth have the right to choose. Moreover, should a nuclear war or act of nature occur the Ets have plans and rehearse drills to evacuate 7 billion humans to other star systems. Unfortunately, most of these worlds are at a very primitive stage of development and most refugees would face a very cruel caveman like existence.

Finally, the Ets are in the process of building a grid around the earth of energy storage tanks on the etheric plane. On the physical plane these can be seen on land. They are crop circles. In this regards the crop circles serve two functions: 1.) They are a calling card from the Ets. 2.) On land they mark the construction sites of these storage tanks. This new type of energy technology will be given to mankind as soon as (or if and when) a ban on war is in place. This technology will draw energy from the earth’s magnetic field and merge it with sunlight and covert it into electricity for use in building, manufacturing, transportation and so on. All energy needs will be more than met by their gift.

We hope you find this Ets briefing useful and urge you to verify for yourself the truth of our statements. We have tried to present our understanding of the situation to the best of our ability. We do make mistakes. So please, take everything we say with a grain of salt.

Nudge Squidfish
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